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Assisting communities in identifying and locating broadband infrastructure, while aiding in the development of effective broadband strategies
Broadband Defined

The bar has been raised.  Under the new funding rules, speeds requirements are now higher for home internet to be considered broadband. Communities with spotty or poor internet may qualify as a fund-eligible, opening the door to fiber-based competitive services.  

Build Your Case

Unlike other infrastructure programs, broadband  is largely dependent on commercial provider's selecting areas for expansion, using data that isn't always accurate.   Local municipalities can take part in the funding process by gathering the data that will attract a competitive provider to their area, open the door to a public/ private partnership, or spur investment by the incumbents. 

Bridge the Gap between Community and Provider

Wideband bridges the gap between community and provider by gathering the data and advocating on your behalf. WBG's Community Speed Test App, powered by OOKLA, gathers data needed to validate subscriptions, speed and quality.    Our team will survey existing telecom infrastructure, research past and future awards in your area, and advocate on your behalf to assure your community is not overlooked for potential funding.

Get Funded 

Need help in the grant writing process?   WideBand has successfully applied for and received broadband infrastructure grants from state and federal sources.  For 2021, we secured  3.2 mil in state broadband infrastructure grants, and prior years total of 15 mil. WBG provides turnkey application services, or support application efforts such as PE requirements, cost engineering, and application review. 

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