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Your project isn't just one of many to us; at Wideband, we ensure that your project takes center stage in all of our efforts. Employing a "Tiger Team" approach to FTTH, WBG Construction assures rapid response to issues that arise during the course of a project. 
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The Wideband team has managed and built hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable from urban centers to rural roadsides and easements. Our success is based on experience and proven processes,  no matter how big or small the job.
We offer a suite of services tailored to ensure the seamless execution of broadband projects. Leveraging our well-developed project management tools, methods, and reporting systems, we streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. We actively propose field-driven design changes to optimize performance and adapt to evolving needs. Moreover, our expertise extends to meticulous materials and inventory management, ensuring that resources are effectively utilized and readily available when needed. From splice to termination management, we prioritize precision and reliability in every aspect of our work. Our adept handling of timelines, workflows, and crew deployment ensures that projects progress smoothly and remain on schedule. We uphold the highest standards of excellence throughout the project lifecycle.
"When our FTTH build faced setbacks, with missed milestones and a constant need for reworks, Wideband stepped in and within a month, turned the project around dramatically, surpassing previous performance levels."

B. Worley, Coldwater Board of Public Utitilities
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