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Seamlessly blending algorithms, best practices, and extensive experience for FTTH and transport design
Broadband Experts

Whether you are considering building your own Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network, or need to get an existing project back on the rails, Wideband Group is here to help. Wideband Group (WBG) is a team of industry professionals with the experience to assure you that your network deployment is a success. 


Wideband Group expertise covers the entire telcom ecosystem. From PON to Active E and 5G; we will assist you with the decision-making process and recommend the network strategy that best fits your community. We will work with you in to fully leveraging your investment now and in the future.



WBG provides full turnkey services, from the feasibility study to implementation of internet/data services over the network.Our OSP engineers have fielded and permitted hundreds of miles of FTTX, and our construction managers will assure your roll-out timelines are met. Want to run your own ISP? We can build it and get you up and running. Just want to own the infrastructure? We will find the right operator for your community.  Please contact us today to discuss your project.

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