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About Us

Wideband Group, founded in 2017, brought together industry professionals and skilled technicians that are passionate about delivering fiber internet to unserved communities. Our expertise covers every step of the process, beginning with the communities themselves.  The broadband issue is solved at the local level;  the towns, townships and counties that have a keen awareness of their residents' needs.​Wideband Group bridges the gap between commercial providers and a community in need, by providing fund-ready data to decision makers and advocating on the community's behalf. We ensure a project moves forward by providing fund application, engineering and project management support to providers and constructors.  We make sure the fiber network is a success for both the provider and and the community it serves.

Our Team.

Conway Township, MI

"Thanks to the diligent efforts of wideband, they not only facilitated engagement from ISPs, residents, and the board, but also fostered a collaborative atmosphere that propelled our community towards improved connectivity solutions." Todd Anderson, Township Clerk

Grant Twp, MI

"Partnering with Wideband and spearheading a comprehensive speed test survey, our township unveiled the stark reality of our connectivity challenges; a year later, thanks to their unwavering support, not only have ISPs rolled out much-needed services, but Wideband remains committed to ensuring our complete coverage, securing a brighter digital future for all." Bill Deater, Township Supervisor

Lakeland Internet, IN

"Thanks to the invaluable expertise and dedication of Wideband Group, our ISP underwent a remarkable transformation into a FTTH provider, with their comprehensive consulting, design, and construction efforts resulting in the seamless deployment of fiber optic connections to 1800 lakeside premises within an impressive 8-month timeframe." Mark Byler, General Manager


2843 E. Grand River Ave.  #284

East Lansing, MI 48823-4989 





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