What We Do

Wideband provides fiber network solutions and services for operators and constructors.  We provide business-case and operations development, engineering, project, and construction management.  We fill in the gaps in your expertise and resourcing.

How We Do It

At each stage of your project, we bring years of practical experience and expertise. Our professionals bring with them a portfolio of best practices accumulated from working in the fiber optic industry over the past two decades.  We are not driven to embed ourselves, but to assist where needed. 

Who We Are

Wideband Group is a collective of people and partnerships that excel at what they do.  We are driven by the desire for quality and production.  We have constructed many miles of fiber network and have built ISPs from the ground up.  We are extremely apt at identify the barriers and miscues of a project, allowing us to get things done and get things right. We are hands-on and take ownership in the success and timely delivery of your network.



“Conway township is located in southern Michigan. Like many other rural townships, high speed broadband is not available. A fiber to the home team was assembled and Wideband was brought on board. I would recommend Wideband to any township considering taking matters into their own hands”

Todd Anderson

Conway Township Clerk