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About Us 

Construction Supervisor is watching a planner in a notebook computer in the office to plan
What We Do 

Wideband Group, founded in 2017, brought together industry professionals and skilled technicians that are passionate about delivering fiber internet to unserved communities. Our expertise covers every step of the process, beginning with the communities themselves.  The broadband issue is solved at the local level;  the towns, townships and counties that have a keen awareness of their residents' needs.

Wideband Group bridges the gap between commercial providers and a community in need, by providing fund-ready data to decision makers and advocating on the community's behalf. We ensure a project moves forward by providing fund application, engineering and project management support to providers and constructors.  We make sure the fiber network is a success for both the provider and and the community it serves. 

Who We Are

Raymond Signs,  Founder.

Ray's telecom career began in 2000, as co-founder of a regional ISP.  The company began as a humble fixed wireless provider, secured over 11 million in grants and government funding over its 10 year history, and grew to over 150 miles of lit fiber at the time of its sale in 2011.  Ray spent the years prior to Wideband Group as president of a tower and fiber optic construction and integration company. Ray possesses an MBA from Michigan State University, enjoys outdoor activities and working with his two sons, members of the WBG team.  

Doug Miller, Principal  

Doug has over 20 years of OSP experience.  He has Designed and project managed the implementation of over 300 miles of fiber optic network. Doug has built through the expanse of northern forests, and has innovated fiber placement in the crowded easements of downtown Detroit.  Doug enjoys skiing, boating and spending time with his family. 



“Conway township is located in southern Michigan. Like many other rural townships, high speed broadband is not available. A fiber to the home team was assembled and Wideband was brought on board. I would recommend Wideband to any township considering taking matters into their own hands”

Todd Anderson

Conway Township Clerk

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