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FCC Challenge 

Our speed test tool offers precise data for FCC/NTIA accuracy checks

Wideband's speed test program offers municipalities, townships, counties, and competitive ISPs accurate data, ensuring communities aren't overlooked amidst FCC's admitted inaccuracies in determining eligible funding areas.

Campaign: Our team will spearhead the initiative, swiftly spreading awareness throughout your community to encourage participation.

Test: Powered by Ookla, our tool features a concise participant survey and gathers data on over 20 parameters. Each community campaign receives a unique URL and can be tailored to collect supplementary information.

Submit: We'll compile the data and collaborate with your state's broadband office, ensuring it's submitted correctly and available for any future challenges. 

"Partnering with Wideband and spearheading a comprehensive speed test survey, our township unveiled the stark reality of our connectivity challenges; a year later, thanks to their unwavering support, not only have ISPs rolled out much-needed services, but Wideband remains committed to ensuring our complete coverage, securing a brighter digital future for all."
Bill Deater, Grant Township Supervisor

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