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Broadband solutions for communities, network operators & builders

Wideband helps communities raise their hand for Broadband! We work with local municipalities to identify the state of broadband in their community, and advocate on their behalf


 Network expansions can put a strain on your engineering resources. Our team has decades of FTTH experience, and can provide mapping, fielding and design services - turnkey or ala carte.  


Ready to apply for Funding? Wideband has successfully secured funding both at the state and federal level.  We can support part or manage the entire application process. 


Wideband has managed hundreds of miles of fiber network build.  We have proven project management methods, and have worked within the supply chain for many years.  Source your build to Wideband. 

Overhead view of a small country town's main street. Sunrise with shadows projected from b

Challenge the FCC map by gathering true 100/20 data

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